Reasons Why Every Parent Needs Klivvr Go Plus

Reasons Why Every Parent Needs Klivvr Go Plus

We know how it goes: their infamous Thursday outings, school dish parties, and endless birthday gatherings leave you reminiscing on your sweet paycheck by the end of the month, wondering what went wrong with their allowances this time. But what if we told you this could all be a problem of the past?

With Klivvr, you can now easily give your children the financial independence they need while simultaneously giving your account a rest. Our newly introduced Go Plus plan is now your new parenting best friend, designed specifically to assist you in managing your youngsters' finances.

But by now you are probably thinking, why go for Go Plus when you can easily give them their allowances in hand?

Easier control

Raising a kid is no piece of cake, but when money becomes involved, the equation becomes even more challenging. However, Go Plus spares you from the hassle of monitoring their spending, by allowing you to request up to 5 cards from a primary account. This way, you can have all your household’s spending records in one place, instead of having their tiny purchases get lost in the clutter. Klivvr also categorizes your expenses, so you know exactly where your money flew off!

Safer spending

Worried about their clumsiness? You do not need to worry. With Klivvr, you can now lock and unlock your card at your convenience. So that the next time they hit you with the infamous “I think I lost my card” text, you can easily freeze the card and keep your account safe and sound!


In a world where being good with money could make or break their future, it’s important to expose them to real financial decisions from a young age. By being signed up to our multi-card feature, your children will be able to access a viewer Klivvr app, where they can check exactly how much they spent and what is remaining in their account. Understanding the meaning behind the value of money will not only help them prioritize what they spend money on, but also build some awareness on the different prices they might face (and also give you a break from their endless nagging for new clothes and iPads!)

With that being said, we simply can’t wait to meet your littles! Get their allowances ready, and be the first to put your hands on our newly launched Go Plus feature now through: for Android and for IOS!