Using Digital Solutions for Every Financial Decision: A Modern Klivvr Guide

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By Klivvr

Picture this - you have just landed in your dream destination. You have been saving up for months and can barely contain your excitement. To be prepared, you have gone through the trouble of exchanging a large amount of cash into the target currency, and you are making your way with it to the hotel. But before you arrive, you are stopped by a burglar who takes everything you have, leaving you virtually cashless in a strange city.

A terrible situation, but one that could have been easily avoided had you gone cashless from the get-go.

There are many benefits to going cashless, the least of which is avoiding petty crime. You have instant access to your funds wherever you go, international payments become easier, and you know where your money is going at all times.

And on top of all of that, it is more hygienic!

That is why countries all over the world are heading in the direction of a cashless society. According to the 2022 Global Cashless Society Markets Report, almost 50% of global transactions will be done through eWallets by 2030, and the global share of cash-based transactions is expected to fall below 10%.

That’s in eight years. Less than a decade!

In fact, it might not be long before we see tangible lifestyle changes rippling across the globe. Sweden, for instance, whose cash transactions accounted for just 1% of its GDP in 2019, is expected to go 100% digital as soon as 2023, with cash withdrawals declining by 10% year on year. The UK will be following in tow by 2026.

Here is why you should jump on the bandwagon and go 100% digital with Klivvr:

Easily Track Your Running Expenses

No more making it to the end of the month to find that you have no idea where all your money went. Going cashless with Klivvr, you can easily track your payments as you make them and know what areas you can cut down on for bigger monthly savings.

Using Klivvr's dashboards, your daily expenses are tagged and recorded in chronological order, helping you visualize your spending patterns and get a bigger picture to improve your financial health.

Easily accessible through your Klivvr mobile app, your expenses are with you everywhere you go. You can monitor them during your lunch break and make instant changes where you see fit.

Make International Payments on the Fly

Now, you can forget about the exchange. Why walk around with wads of cash when you can simply and securely make payments with Klivvr wherever you happen to go?

Global acceptance is one of the many benefits of going cashless with Klivvr, simply because it is widely accepted at ATMs and shopping outlets around the world.

Moreover, you can easily and safely send and request money through the Klivvr mobile app and instantly split bills as you pay them with your friends and loved ones, all without ever having to deal with cash.

Reap The Rewards

Here’s the thing about cash: as soon as it goes out, that’s it. You can forget about it; there’s no money going back in.

The same does not apply to digital payments. Using Klivvr to make purchases lets you live bigger by making you eligible for hundreds of discounts, exclusive benefits, and rewards.

The idea is simple. Using Klivvr, you save while you spend at your favorite recreational outlets, like restaurants, airports, and shopping stores.

Keep Your Money Safe

In your daily transactions, you can rest easy knowing that Klivvr has been fully authorized by the Central Bank of Egypt, and is PCI certified to ensure that your money is safe and secure.

If you lose or damage your Klivvr card, there are a variety of actions that you can take to secure your financial situation on the spot.

You can instantly freeze or unfreeze your card through the Klivvr mobile app or even ask for a card replacement. When your new card arrives, the old card will be automatically deactivated, and your new card will enjoy all the security that comes with brand-new security details.

Stay Safe Yourself!

You never know where your bills and coins have been. They change hands so much that there are billions of germs and bacteria riding on your money at any given time, especially during the pandemic.

That’s why going cashless can significantly reduce your risk of exposure to harmful germs and bacteria. As the single holder of your card, making payments is now safer and more sanitary.

Save The Environment

Going cashless is also an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, as it decreases the amount of energy and water used to print bank notes, as well as the pollution caused by its transportation.

Coins, for instance, are a huge source of pollution to the planet. According to the American Council of Science and Health, mining and transporting coins has led to the emission of over 48,000 tons of carbon dioxide!

Feeling the rewards in more ways than one?

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